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10 Damage Control Rules. What To Do And Consider After Being Caught Of Possibly Nonlegal Freedom Acts? This Guide Is Totally Educational And Intended For People Fighting For Liberty; We Do Not Support Any Illegal Actions.

1. If the police seize your computer or phone, never open it again after they return it. The police may have installed malware, tracking devices, or keyloggers on your device, for example, and may be keylogging your decryption passwords! What to do then? Fully wipe, encrypt, and decrypt your mobile devices and computer SSDs, then sell or destroy them and never use them again. Buy a new computer and a new phone!

2. Do you have something in the cloud that the police have not found yet? Or anything else the police have not found yet? Get rid of everything as fast as you can! As a side note, hiding stuff at your friend's house is a bad idea.

3. Terminate all contact with people you've been communicating with online, and don't show any proof of your communication with them; the police may still be looking for evidence and watching you!

4. If you have some cryptocurrency that the police have not found, immediately hide it somewhere, but not at your friend's house. Hiding stuff at your friend's house is a very bad idea!

5. Do not admit anything. Admitting anything will never help you. The police know how to social engineer you and will make it look like they just want your best and the case is solved, when in reality, they do not give a shit about you and just want all the possible data out of you. If they are questioning you, it usually means that they do not have enough evidence to convict you, so don't be a dumb ass and give them evidence!

6. If you have any physical evidence, like papers with your passwords or other documents, shred them immediately. We recommend burning the shredded files for extra security.

7. Never give the cops your decryption passphrase. They will try all kinds of social engineering tactics to lie to you. Only in Australia and other third-world countries you can be legally forced to give out your decryption passphrase!

8. Even after being caught, it's important to delete all your remaining user accounts that might have links to your possibly non-legal freedom actions.

9. Have a fake phone. Phones are pretty easy for the police to crack, even if strong encryption is used. They can perform all kinds of revealing extractions of the phone using forensic tools like Cellebrite UFED. When the police ask for your phone, make sure to have your real phone hidden and hand out your fake phone to them. Fill this phone with all kinds of boring data, but encrypt it with a very long passphrase to waste the time of the police!

10. Put an end to any potentially illegal freedom actions. If you have been caught, it's not safe to continue. You have been placed on their watch lists. However, if you really want to continue, you will need to start fresh.