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Hello and welcome to this new topic.This topic is specialy made for new cyber security specialists/Hackers/IT nerds. Here this topic is made only for educational purposes. Do not use it for illegal activity. You can skip some of the steps but it's recommended to follow all of them. Lets start from the Zero.

1. The Start of every computer nerd is the PC/Laptop aka the device he uses.Wher to get a non infected device?
Do not order devices with already installed Windows. Try to buy it from some small shop and pay with cash. After it comes, ask a Friend to boot you a live boot of kali linux. Go there and choose your OS,
You are not sure which OS to choose? go to our OS's section and take a look on the best OS's for max privacy ( Click Here )Then
go and install the Following OS. When you setup it,there is a option about encryption and overwriting the Disk, Choose It! Try using a long disk encryption password it may take longer. After you
Install the OS update the Machine and update all drivers and etc, after it go and install mullvad VPN or any other vpn from our section ( VPN Section )
Or use some proxy. After you install Tor , the most important thing on your device, It connects you to a whole world of website's.

2. Its time to download all the apps you need.We reccomend using Snapcraft.
Install a safe messanger other than Telegram ( Messenger's ) install useful tools like onionshare, qTox
... install everything what you want. Only don't install chinnese applications most of them are spywares or malware's . Don't forget to install
Password mannager, ( Passwords )

3. The final step is to setup firefox browser. These days the browsers are very vulnerable to hackers, what can we do against it? We can stop
saving sensitive data to our browser. Use a encrypted USB to store passwords and bookmarks. Go and watch the Following video. Firefox setup

friendly tip from us is to avoid the following things:

Using your phone for illegal activity.
storing data that contains illegal content.
Using Discord/Snapchat/What's app/Skype/...
Using chinnese applications.
Using forums/Emails to communicate.
Working on unencrypted Device.
Using real phone in Telegram or somewhere
Using protonmail/cock.ly for sensitive content.
Do not talk about your other identify